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Features on the Historic Fairholme House


  • Built in 1885 by Edward R. and Mary Grinter Street.
  • The Carriage House was built first.
  • An Architect from Nashville, TN designed the house.
  • Wood carvers came from North Carolina to do the wood work and lived on site in the Carriage House.
  • The bricks were also made on site.
  • John L. Street Jr. bought the house in 1984 and restored it to the Victorian period and named it Fairholme. (We are not sure why)
  • The house was owned by the Frances family for 14 years.
  • John donated Fairholme to the John L. Street Library at the time of his death in 2000.


  • The firm of Ray Bradbury in San Francisco, CA made the wallpaper.
  • It took over 30 hours to hang the wallpaper in this hallway.
  • The animal head is a Greater Kudu from Africa.
  • The clock is an American Tall Case Chippendale-circa 1880 made in Philadelphia.
  • On the wall beside the clock is a Thompson’s Gazelle.
  • On the white marble table is a hand written invitation to Edward and Mary’s wedding.
  • There is a Tiffany style lamp on the drop leaf table.


  • The parlor was a place where the Victorians did their entertaining.
  • The chandelier, which was original to the house, is brass that was silver plated at the time of the restoration.
  • The rocking chair and stool were gifts from Mary Street to John Sr. and Margaret Street.
  • Margaret did the needlepoint.
  • In 1885 the Oriental influence on home furnishings was strong. The fans were sent by Alice Miller (Mrs. Street’s Aunt) who was a missionary to China.
  • The velvet drapes with the gold trim are similar to the ones Mary Street had and the rods on which the drapes are hanging are original to the house.
  • The Mantle is cherry.
  • The Boulle table with three legs has a brass top, lined with bronze and pewter cutout designs over a faux tortoise shell inlay. It dates to 1830-1850 period.
  • The Tea cart is teakwood.
  • The picture by the Boulle table is one of several the Polish artist Lewandowska did for the family.


  • Most of the furniture in this room belonged to John JR’s Mother.
  • The cherry table with the chess set on it was her dining table and has six matching chairs.
  • The chandelier is also original to the house but not to this room.
  • The wall covering is black pellon that has been painted green. Pellon is a dressmakers tool used as interfacing.
  • Many of the small articles in the room are items collected by John on his trips from many places around the world.
  • The Rhinoceros feet near the fireplace are made into two ashtrays and a tobacco jar. ( we do not know about the other foot.)
  • The oil painting of Mr. and Mrs. Street are by Lewandowska.
  • The Arts and Crafts lamp with slag glass dates to 1910.


  • This room has on of the favorite Victorian wall treatments Burlap.
  • The cherry china cabinet was Margaret Street’s and matches the dining furniture in the back parlor.

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