Services by the John L. Street Library

Faxing, Printing, etc. You can get that done here!

Paid Services

The John L. Street Library offers printing, faxing, copying, and laminating services. 

Printing- $0.20 per sheet (Black & White). $0.50 per sheet (Color)

Copying- $0.25 per copy (Black & White). $0.50 per copy (Color)

Faxing- $1.00 for the first sheet & $0.50 for each additional sheet.

Laminating- $0.25 for small sheet (3.5″x2″). $0.50 for a half sheet. $1.00 for a full page (8″x11″).

Free Services

Scanning & Emailing, Notary Public, Laptops & Computers, Inter-Library Loan, Wireless Internet, Driver’s Manuals*, ACT & SAT Prep Book*, Meeting Rooms, and more!

*- Items require a deposit, but deposit is returned when item is checked back in. 

Other Services

In a partnership with IdentoGo the John L. Street Library offers fingerprinting services. The library does not make appointments, you will need to call IdentoGo’s Call Center at 844-543-9714 for appointment scheduling. For any other questions contact IdentoGo’s Customer Service at (844) 321-2124. The library only collects fingerprints, and does not have any access to information from a person’s background check nor do we have fingerprints stored or accessible in any way.